SugarCRM to WordPress Auto Post

2016 – Developed a system which asked unique questions of members of a community in a form. This information was first backed up, then automatically embedded into their records with SugarCRM. After review by the Content Manager, it was then organized into a publishable manner and sent via email into a WordPress blog using a custom post type. They system would then notify the submitter when it was made live. This system saved thousands of man hours in its years being used.

Site Outage –

2014 – Tom Winkler, the famous Doodie Man artist once contacted me with a major site outage. I was able to help him get back online quickly and as repayment, he made me this amazing picture. I will forever treasure it.

Non Profit Grant Application Center

2013-2020 – Developed and maintained a forever evolving, and complex system of applications for a non profit. The system, adhering to GDPR requirements, was able to prequalify applicants, then direct them seamlessly to the intended applications, gathering large amounts of data in a method which was user friendly. This information was then saved in multiple locations and entered into the company CRM for analysis. With this system, the company was able to go from reviewing a few applications submitted via Word docs, to hundreds per day.

Volunteer Forum Moderator

2014 to Present – Company run Facebook forum for the Avada Theme for WordPress. As an expert, I was inducted into the moderation seat and I provide support to those in need. I use the high volume forum to maintain my support skills and often learn new things.

Company Wide GDPR Compliance

2018 – I did a company wide audit of 10s of thousands of records of data, how that data was collected and stored, then developed a plan to protect it as per upcoming laws required.


2018 – A simple landiong page while a team developed the final project. Gathered emails for newsletter and provided basic info.


2010 – 2015 – A budget HTML to WordPress job. Maintained original look of first site very well, as requested. Installed Woocommerce and a simple system to gather abandoned carts, send email blasts, and to send coupons to customers.

Nessel Inc

2018 – A refresh of an old html website to WordPress. Maintained original feel of site. Kept it light, simple and easy to manage with regular post edits.

Grant Review System

2015-2019 – After years of analyzing, a team and I developed an affordable web portal which gathered applicant data and allowed a team of reviewers to score that data and provide a rich review, allowing the company to better filter through thousands of grant applicants. Hundreds of man hours were put into this project to fine tune it for the needs of the entire team.

SugarCRM Reference Gathering System

2019 – Developed a system of gathering references from applicants to weed out fraud with no employee interaction, screen applicants prior to reviewing them. Previously this was a part time position filled by a human and the system covered more than 50% of that work.

DB Stop Tag Additions

2017 – A simple plugin I developed to stop WordPress users not at an admin level to stop adding tags to posts. Simple, and well needed.

Avada Menu Modal Pop up

2014-2015 –  Developed a plugin with a few simple methods to trigger the built in modal pop up of a few themes which used prettyphoto. The feature was eventually included into the few themes it worked on, making it obsolete.

SugarCRM Notification Report Reminders

2015-2020 – Gathering needed data from grantees after grants were rewarded was time consuming until I developed a method which tracked the grantee lifecycle and kept them automatically updated of the information we required. It then gathered that data and entered it into their records, then informed employees for review.

Non Profit Tech Support

2014 – 2020 – Provided support to employees of an online non profit, plus their network of thousands of grantees, finding low cost solutions to business needs, and general website issues.

WP Quick Post

2012 – I developed a WordPress plugin and website which allowed a user to upload images, which made individual posts, making the image the featured image of the post. It was a simple script which I maintained for a few years for a customer until that customer no longer needed it.

Hosting – Customer Technical Support

2012 – 2014 I have worked with Hostgator, Site5, and A2 Hosting under heavy que demands to provide support for their customers. I have also supported several dozen personal customers as well as other small design companies with their hosting needs.

Cannabis Plus

2012 – A simple 4 page business site made with a low budget.
Featured a appointment setting option.
HTML to WordPress conversion while maintaining the original feel of the original site.